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A Joyful Formative Journey

United Together To Praise the Lord

The Inauguration and the first gathering of Henosis 2018-2019, was held on 4th of August at Rogationist Center of Studies, Aluva. The Meeting was really enriching and empowering. Fr. Joby Kauvgal RCJ and Sr. Barbara FDZ, Major Superiors of RCJ and FDZ respectively and their counselors were present in the gathering. The program began at 4.00 PM. The program was inaugurated by Fr. Stanley Mathirappilly, a diocesan expert on

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Henosis- 2nd session on the thanksgiving celebration of 150th anniversary of our charism

Today, on October 6, 2018, the second session of RCJ-FDZ joint venture ‘Henosis’:a joyful formative journey” was held  at FDZ Covent, Chalikkavattam.

The program started at 4.00pm with the opening prayer dance led by FDZ Aspirants. Sr. Barbara, the delegate Superior then welcomed all to the program and expressed her joy of coming together as Sons and Daughters of St

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First Profession and Perpetual profession of vows

qpst 18 rv 1Aluva, 15,16 May 2018 :  Rogate Ashram chapel has witnessed the great event of the Quasi province, the perpetual and first profession of the brothers. 11 novices did their first profession and 6 religious brothers had their final commitment. The ceremony began with the solemn celebration of the Holy Eucharist precided by Rev.Fr. Joby Kavungal RCJ, the major superior with presence of the priests, religious and the lay people. Rev. Fr. Varghese Panickassery RCJ inspired all with his homily

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Perpetual Profession of Bro. Rinu Vadakkepurathan

qpst 18 pp 3Aluva , 16 April 2018 : Today was indeed another day of God’s blessing to St. Thomas Quasi Province as well as to the entire congregation. In a concelebrated Holy Mass Rev. Joby Kavungal, Major Superior presided over Holy Eucharist and the rite of Perpetual Profession of Bro. Rinu Vadakkepurathan. Fr.Albert Kollamkudy shared a short and sweet  homily. About 12 priests, few sisters, and 20 family members and few friends joined the simple celebration at 6.30 am in Rogate Ashram Chapel

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Henosis 2018

Henosis - 150th Anniversary of the Inspiration of Rogate

 Rogate Empowerment Center envisioned its annual program of reflections entitled HENOSIS (Henosis is the classical Greek word for mystical "oneness", "union" or "unity"). Since St. Thomas Quasi Province thought of making due memory of the 150th year of the inspiration of Rogate, together with FDZ. In response to the invitation of the father general and mother general, we thought of coming together

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The General Assembly of the perpetually professed religious

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Aluva,  12 March 2018 : The General Assembly of the perpetually professed religious focused on the theme ‘Living the true joy of brotherhood, being compassionate’. The program began  on March 16, 2018 with the inaugural prayer at Rogate Ashram Chapel, Aluva. Fr. Joby Kavungal RCJ Major superior inaugurated the Assembly by lightening of the lamp along with the fours fathers representing various sectors: Communities, Pastoral Fields, Mission areas and Spiritual direction

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