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Henosis 2018

Henosis - 150th Anniversary of the Inspiration of Rogate

 Rogate Empowerment Center envisioned its annual program of reflections entitled HENOSIS (Henosis is the classical Greek word for mystical "oneness", "union" or "unity"). Since St. Thomas Quasi Province thought of making due memory of the 150th year of the inspiration of Rogate, together with FDZ. In response to the invitation of the father general and mother general, we thought of coming together as Henosis (In Union), as the Daughters and Sons of the same Father Founder conjoined. More than coming together for just one-day of commemoration, we conjointly decided on organizing a charismatic formative journey this year. Therefore, the Rogate reflections envisioned by REC turned to be a formative journey for RCJ and FDZ i.e., entitled ‘Henosis-A joyful formative journey’.

We will have four formative encounters this year. It will be a half-day  (Saturday afternoons) activity of prayer, reflection and communion. Important magisterial documents vis-à-vis Charismatic reflection will strengthen our journey, which will be presented by the respective expertise.

Some of our fathers and sisters take lead to organize the content part of these four reflections: First Reflection: Fr. Varghese PG, Fr. Fijo Melit and Sr. Barbara, Sr. Virony Joseph; Second Reflection: Fr. Saji Kappikuzhy, Fr. Saji Puthuparambil and Sr. Rosemary, Sr. Remya; Third Reflection: Fr. Saji Kallookkaran, Fr. Lijo Kalaickal and Sr. Merlin John, Sr. Agnes Antony; Fourth Reflection: Fr. Albert, Fr. Vinu and Sr. Bency, Sr. Margaret.

150th anniversary of the inspiration of Rogate, is a significant event of our religious life and it contributes to the deepening of our great charism that the Holy Spirit bestowed on our beloved Father Hannibal and on each one of us, in order to continue to spread the divine command of our Lord. These significant gatherings are meaningful as part of our ongoing and permanent formation activity this year.

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