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Rogate Bhavan

  • Published: Monday, 01 May 2017 23:37
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Rogate Bhavan MananthavadyInspired by the Rogate, the Rogationist in India wanted to bring the same spirit in the northern part of Kerala at least after having established themselves in Aluva and in Aimury, the Archdiocese of Ernakulam – Angamaly. Seeing a great prospect of vocations and the need to give a more appropriate formation according to levels they started to inquire on where could be the best possible place where a new Rogationist community could be established. Some of the priests whom they knew pointed out to the Diocese of Mananthavady. Aside from the numerous vocation prospects and some of their actual seminarians coming  from the said area, they even intend the place a formation centre where they could place a specific level of formation.

Fr. Joseph Mailaparambil started to enquire the places as indicated by some of the priests. After some time all the Rogationist priests and brothers in India had the occasion to see the place. Initially there were two lands being offered, one is along the main road and the other is the land where our present community is settled. When Fr. Cesare Betttoni (Councilor General) came to India to facilitate the retreat of the Rogationist in Kerala had the opportunity to visit the proposed lands together with Fr. Vito Lipari, Fr. Luigi Toffanin and Fr.Joseph and Fr. Joby Kavungal.

On November 26 2003, Fr. Luigi Toffanin aske the major Superior, Fr. Bruno Rampazzo, to recommend the request to Rome to buy the lands suggested. Out of two proposels the General Government allowed only buying one of them. And thus the present land purchased. Fr. Bruno Rampazzo, the Major Superior of the Rogationist Philippine – Indian Delegation wrote a letter Prot. 109/2004 dated June 21, 2004 asking permission from the Bishop of Mananthavady, Mar Jose Porunnedom, to open a house and minor seminary at Cheriyamkolly. The said Bishop of Mananthavady with a decree given on the 30th of June 2004, Port. 254/2004, granted the permission to open a house and a minor seminary at Cheriyamkolly with the boundary of Good Shepherd Parish. on August 12, 2004 the congregation pro Ecclesiis  Orientalibus, with a letter Port. 236/87 issued an indult to erect a Syro- Malabar Rite Rogationist house in the eparchy of Mananthavady. Thus the Rogationist Fathers started to expanded their mission in the northern part of Kerala.

The lots were purchased by the Rogationsists of the Heart of Jesus, represented by Fr. Joseph Mailapaarambil, witnessed by Fr. Shajan Pazhayil and Mr. Sebastian Edattel, and registered on March 11, 2004 at Vythiri.

The Superior General, Fr. Giorgio Nalin, with a letter dated June 10, 2004; Prot. 171/04 authorized the opening of the new Missionary station in the diocese of Mananthavady, Kerala, India. Fr. Bruno Rampazzo in the letter of June 15, 2004, announced the said opening and appointed Fr. Shajan Pazhayil as responsible of the mission assisted by Bro. Denny and Bro. Shinto Panachikattu.

Two small houses were already existed in this land. The bigger house was renovated in order to accommodate the future members of the community. Fr. Joseph mailaparambil, the Superior of the community in Aimury was appointed by the Major Superior to follow up all the transactions for the acquisition of the land and the renovation of the existing houses. In the middle of June 2004 the works had been accomplished. On September 16, 2004 Fr. Shajan Pazhayil transferred to Rogate Bhavan as responsible of the nascent mission station together with Bro. Denny Avimoottil and Bro. Shinto Panachikkattu had their 2nd year regency.

After arranging the community and establishing the networks with the various peoples and religious and local communities the renovated small house was blessed by the Vicar General of the Diocese of Mananthavady, Fr. George Njaralakat on October 9, 2004 at 3:3 in the afternoon. The blessing was participated by Fr. Luigi and some of the confrers from Aluva and Aimury, some of the parish priests, notable persons from various civil and religious communities.

In 2005 Fr. Shajan Pazhayil went to Italy for the specialization and Fr. Joseph Mailaparambil was appointed as the responsible of Rogate Bhavan, Mananthavady, with the special task of following up the construction of the new seminary (Prot. 65/05 on 16 May 2006) together with Bro. Sijo Mulavarickal and Bro. Thomas Thaiparambil. The construtction of the new seminary was going.

Fr. Giorgio Nalin, The Superior General of the Rogationist Congregation Juridically constituted the community of the Rogate Bhavan by a letter with Port. N. 118/2006 dated on 16th May 2006, second anniversary of the canonization of Fr. Founder. Fr. Joseph Mailaparambil was appointed as the superior and Treasurer of the Rogate Bhavan seminary, Mananthavady  (Prot. N. 119/06, on 16th May) and Fr. Saji Kappikuzhy was appointed with new assignments as the Vice Superior, Prefect of Students, Vocation Promoter of the area. (Prot.n. 62/06, April 23, 2006)

On April 24, 2008 the new building of the Rogate Bhavan for the formation of the plus one, plus students and the postulants was blessed. On May 2008, Fr. Unny was appointed as the Vice superior, treasurer and the prefect of the postulants and Bro. Samson was assigned as the regent brother collaboration in the formation of the seminarians.   In 2008, we have started here the first batch of the postulants who have completed their plus two courses here in Rogate Bhavan, as the result of the change of the formation curriculum of our seminarians .  

On May 2009, Fr. Saji Kappikkuzhy who was the house councilor and prefect of the minor seminarians was transferred to Andhra Pradesh to have a mission experience and to know the possibility of starting a new charitable activity there. On May 2010, Fr. Joseph Mailapparambil RCJ who was the superior of the house for the past five years was transferred to Attappady and Fr. Unny was assigned as the superior of the house.  Fr. Shinto Panachikkat was assigned as the vice superior and Fr. Manesh was assigned as the prefect of the postulants. In May2011, Fr. Manesh was transferred to the U.S.A delegation for his new mission. In May 2012 Fr. Roy Moothedath was assigned as the vice suoperior and collabaorator of the formation of the plus one and plus two seminarians and Fr. Dileep Parackal was assigned as the treasure and vocation promoter while Fr. Shinto has gone to Srilanka for mission scouting. In January 2013 Fr. Shinto was re-appointed as the treasure of the house while Fr. Dileep continued to hold the office of the vocation promoter. Fr. Roy Moothedath was assigned as the prefect of the Plus one and Plus Two seminarians. In May 2013, Fr. Unny Pottokaran and Fr. Dileep Parackal were transferred to the Rogate Ashram Community Aluva as the vice superior and Treasure respectively. Fr. Shinto was assigned to the USA delegation. Fr. Sabu Pulimalayil RCJ was assigned as the new superior, Fr. Roy moothedath RCJ as the Vice superior and prefect and Fr. Samson Koyipurath RCJ became the new treasurer. The formative stage of postulancy was separated from the formative environment of the Rogate Bhavan to the Gurudarsan Novitiate House. Bro Tony Blayil and Bro. Manu Kulapurath were assigned as the new Bro. Assistants for the seminarians.

In May 2014, Fr. Roy Moothedath was transferred from the community for higher studies. Bros. Tony and Manu completed their regency and Bro. Anish was assigned as the new Bro. Assistant. Fr. Sabu Pulimalayil served as the superior, Prefect of the seminarians and collaborator of the Adoption at Distance programme and Fr. Samson Koyipurath as the treasurer and the Rogate animator of the Community, at present.

In the month of may, 2015 Fr. Aneesh Kannampuzha joined the Rogate Bhavan as vice Supeiror, Rogate animator and Prefect of the Fundamental Students. In the same month Fr. Lixon Puthanagady was assigned as the treasure and vocation promoter of Malabar Zone with Fr. Sabu and Fr. Aneesh.

On may 6, Fr. Saji Kallookkaran was appointed as the new superior and prefect of plus one and plus seminarians (port. N. 61/2016) replacing Fr. Sabu Pullimalayil. In the same month, Fr. Stany Odanadan was assigned as Treasure and vocation Promoter of Malabar zone replacing Fr. Lixon who was sent for the missions of Sri Lanka. In the same way Bros. Abin Chakkiath and Jain Kuzhipilly Nirappel were assigned as brother assistants of the seminarians in the minor seminary of Rogate Bhavan. On may 29th, 2017, Fr. Stany Odanadan  was transferred to Quasi Province House and Fr. Dileep Karukapillil was assigned as the new Treasurer and collaborator of formation in the Rogate Bhavan. Bros. Jain Kuzhipilly Nirappel and Abin Chakkiath completed successfully their practical training and Bro. Albin Ellamthuruthiyil and Lijo Arackalan were assigned as new regents on 18th May 2017.

Rogate Bhavan - Persons In Charge

Fr. Albert Kollamkudy RCJ


Fr. Aneesh Kannapuzha RCJ

Vice Superior


Fr. Christy Madathett RCJ

Animator - Fundamental year

Fr. Jithin Thaliyan RCJ