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Gurudharshan Rogationist Novitiate

  • Published: Monday, 01 May 2017 23:37
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Gurudarshan novitiate houseThe Rogationist Novitiate of St Thomas Quasi Province has started it's ministry with the batch of 2007-2008 by Fr Shajan Pazhayil as its first novice master and superior at Poikattusery. Later in the same period it shifted its location to Meenagadi, Wayanad. The first two batches (07-08&08-09) did their novitiate in the house which was already there in Meenagadi, where we bought new land for the Novitiate. At the end of 08-09 batch, we started to build new building for novitiate. When the new batch of 09-10 began, they first lived in the Bethany Ashram's presbytery which is of Syro Malankara Church and which is one km away from our new land. By the grace of God they could shift to the new novitiate house on April 22nd 2010.  The new novitiate house took the name, "Gurudharsan" which means one who see the master. Thus the novitiate aims at showing the real master. After four more years with the batch of 14-15 Fr Shibu Kavungal became the next novice master and superior. Three years after when we began the eleventh batch of novitiate, we have a new novice master and superior in the person of Fr Saji Kapikuzhy. Along with him Fr Vimal Kooran Manelikudy is doing the office of vice superior and treasurer, Fr Fijo Malit is doing the office of collaborator to the novice master and Bro Steny Kundaparambath is doing the regency. There are twelve new novices and they entered to the novitiate on 16/5/2017. 


Gurudharshan Rogationist Novitiate - Persons In Charge

Fr.Saji Kappikkuzhy RCJ

Superior/ Novice Master

sajikappy@rcj.org, +91-7702477408

Fr.Vimal Kooranmannelikkudy RCJ

Vice-Superior/ Treasurer

vimal@rcj.org, +91-9048654929